Total distance: 6.28 mi
Max elevation: 7605 ft
Min elevation: 7425 ft
Total climbing: 495 ft


10K course description:

The 10K course start line is west of the Middle School building. Runners will run westward, merging left onto Manford Avenue and following road shoulder to Woodstock Drive, then turn around at cone and follow shoulder across the street back to start line and continue passing the middle school and turn right to Brodie Ave.  Turn left down Brodie Avenue and enter bike path at left before Fish Creek Road. Follow bike path descending past dog park and through tunnel under highway 36. Turn right onto Lake Estes path heading east around the lake. After a short sharp uphill, turn left on the path onto Mall Road. The path descends into Wapiti Meadows, crossing the Big Thompson River. The path returns alongside the lake at the Marina, heading west. You will experience grand views of the Continental Divide and hearing the water lapping at the shores of Lake Estes. The path takes a 180 degree turn at the west end of the lake near the visitor center. Head east along the south shores of the lake, turning right and heading south under the same tunnel that you used to enter the lake path. Follow the path back up past the dog park and Stanley Park towards the school, district. Follow the path back up to Brodie Avenue, turning right for a short uphill before entering the track and field at the SE corner. Complete less than one lap of the track counter clockwise and be greeted by enthusiastic crowds at the finish line!

All our courses are recognized for being well marked – just follow the yellow 10K signs on the paths and roads.