bipinAs we all know, Nepal just went through two major earthquakes last month with casualties crossing the 10,000 mark and millions of houses and a handful of World Heritage sites down to rubble. Being away from my homeland in this tragedy is a tragedy in itself but without losing hope I am trying to do the best I can even when I am thousands of miles away from my people, by sending donations and prayers to Nepal.

I have been able to collect close to $2000 in cash from donations from the wonderful people of Estes Park. We were able to raise $1500 in donations from a musical event at Ed’s Cantina in Estes with help of my talented musician friends. ( You all know who you are ). Also, close to $500 has been collected from a donation box at my job, The UPS Store, thanks to all the generous souls and locals in Estes. We also collected some medical supplies, some of which was sent to Nepal via a friend.

Some of the money that was collected has already been used in providing relief materials to three orphanages near Kathmandu, thanks to my kind-hearted sister Binita and her team for their tireless work. It was heart-breaking to hear that 90% of the schools in Nepal was destroyed and the kids have no where to get their education. Nepal, already has an extremely low literacy rate, where only the fortunate ones get a chance to go school. Some even have to walk 4 hours everyday, just to attend school in the remote villages of Nepal. But after the earthquake, they have NOTHING. The poor kids are scared and school is the only means to divert their little minds through the process of learning. All of their stationeries has been buried in the rubble and they are all in the verge of losing hope. With your help we can HELP STOP THAT!

My goal is to raise whatever I can through this website to help the kids in Nepal with shelter, food, books and stationeries. We might not be able to build infrastructures but we can atleast buy a book, pencils and a couple of notebooks for a kid, and we can do that WITH A DOLLAR.

Help me reach my goal by donating whatever you can. Come support me on June 21st, 2015 as I will be running the Estes Park Half Marathon in the beautiful hills of Estes Park, Colorado, one of my favorite little towns.

Thank you for all your kindness and prayers!!


Bipin Pokharel


If you want to make an online donation, use this link

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