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SATURDAY:  June 17th, 2017    ESTES PARK 5

SUNDAY: June 18th, 2017  ESTES PARK MARATHON, HALF MARATHON, 10K & MARATHON RELAY (relay is a fundraiser for American Cancer Association)

Marking the 100th Anniversary for the Town of Estes Park and the historic Baldpate Inn, we are introducing a new marathon course! Celebrating local history and our unique landscapes, the marathon will start NEAR the Baldpate Inn. The Mace Family were known for their love for running and frequently ventured out from the Baldpate Inn to surrounding meadows, peaks and river side destinations. We are excited to have our course be where they left off!  EPM runners will start at the DAO HOUSE (1.4 miles north of the Baldpate Inn) and run down Highway 7, passing by the Baldpate Inn entrance. The course will descend 1500ft within the first 11 miles, once at the northeast side of Lake Estes Trail.  Runners continue onto the popular Dry Gulch- Devil’s Gulch loop for breath taking views of Longs Peak and Mount Meeker. Finishing at the Estes Park Track & Field, all runners will be greeted with cheers and solidarity!  Keep Running! 


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  1. Belinda Bierwirth April 1, 2017 at 2:38 am - Reply

    I did my college internship at the Baldpate Inn in 1998. It was a wonderful experience that I have never forgotten. It would be great to go back to Estes Park and celebrate their 100 year anniversary with a half marathon!

    • Belle April 1, 2017 at 8:58 pm - Reply

      The Baldpate Inn is a beautiful mountain lodge. We are thrilled to be celebrating their 100 years! The marathon start line did change away from the Homer Rouse Trail, but we will be running pass the entrance to the Baldpate Inn. Also, there will be a few pre-event programs held at the Baldpate Inn- starting first week of June and continue thru summer. Happy training for the Estes Park Half Marathon!

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