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Total distance: 13.09 mi
Max elevation: 7913 ft
Min elevation: 7434 ft
Total climbing: 1073 ft

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Half Marathon detailed Map
Half Marathon detailed Map
6.8 MiB


Half Marathon course description:

The half marathon course starts on the Lake Estes Trail, just west (left) of the Dog Park Tunnel, at Cherokee Draw.  Runners will run Eastward on the Lake Estes Trail towards Mall Road and follow the multi-use trail to the Highway 34 pedestrian Tunnel.  

Once thru the tunnel, turn left to Dry Gulch Road. Runners will climb for 2.5 miles at a 3% grade to Eagle Rock Drive. Turn left onto Eagle Rock Drive (dirt road) and right onto Hondius Way. At Devil’s Gulch Road turn left, runners will have a rolling descent to MacGregor Ave.  Turn left onto East Wonderview Ave and up the short hill to Steamers Parkway.  Passing the Aspire Residential Center, runners will turn right onto Steamers Drive.  At the bottom of the hill, turn left onto Highway 34 using the east bound shoulder.  At Ranch Meadows, turn left and then right onto Raven Ave. Turn Right onto Lone Pine Drive and then take a left onto North Lake Avenue, which is a downhill paralleling Hwy 34. Runners will have completed a full loop at Dry Gulch Road. 

Using the Highway 34- Lake Estes Trail Tunnel, runners will go left (east) coming out of the tunnel towards Mall Road.  Climb up Mall Road and down to the Dog Park Tunnel.  The last mile travels along the south side of Lake Estes turning right for a very short uphill before entering the Estes Park High School track and field at the SE corner. Complete less than one lap of the track counter clockwise and be greeted by enthusiastic crowds at the finish line!

All our courses are recognized for being well marked – just follow the white EPM signs on the paths and roads.