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KIDS, KIDS, KIDS: BIKE, RUN, FUN! festival 2017

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ESTES PARK 5K: 8:30AM,  Lake Estes Marina
June 17th, 2017 (Saturday at Bond Park) 10:30AM
Join us at Estes Park’s downtown Bond Park, across from Town Hall.
Bring your friends and family to celebrate our young athletes . Live music, games, face painting, bouncing obstacle, bikes, and running event – Join the fun!
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the TOWN of ESTES PARK and our natural environment, the KIDS, KIDS, KIDS: BIKE, RUN, FUN! festival offers educational, interactive activities with members of the Rocky Mountain Conservancy. Students from the Estes Park High School Cross-Country Team helps coordinate the kid’s running races and the Estes Park Cycling Coalition coordinates the bike events.




June 17th, 2017 (Saturday at Bond Park)

FUN RUN! start: 11:00AM – 11:45AM

In the spirit of fun, age categories and distances are as follows:2015-06-20 14.10.56

  • 4 -5 years and younger 200m
  • 6-8 years 400m
  •  9-10 years 800m
  •  11-12 years 1 mile
  •  All runs are out and back on MacGregor Avenue.
  •  There will be a medal for every finisher and spot prizes!
  •  The festival starts at 10:30am, through to 3:00pm. There will be games, live music and interactive educational activities.
  •  This will be our 6th KIDS FUN RUN! – each of the previous year’s have been a big success. We invite you to come and join in the fun for 2017! 

Bike Fun! 

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June 17th, 2017 (Saturday at Bond Park)

Register: 12:00PM and completing activities by 3:00 at the Bond Park.

  • Bike Safety Game
  • Bike Obstacle Course
  • Short Bike Race 

Festival of music, games and environmental education

June 17th, 2017 (Saturday at Bond Park)

Music performed by  Kutandara, expect to dance & enjoy!


Kutandara fuses ancient African music traditions with indie-pop, rock, jazz, gospel, classical, and world folk influences. Their exuberant and hi-energy polyrhythmic performances manage to be innovative and deeply-rooted at the same time. Kutandara means to come together and have a good time, which is the group’s purpose as they exchange energy of music and movement with their audiences.
The band principally plays Shona music from the African nation of Zimbabwe. The music is polyrhythmic and played on marimbas, which resemble long, wooden xylophones. There are seven types of marimbas ranging from bass marimba to soprano and each musician learns to play them all. The band plays both traditional music as well as more contemporary pieces. It is uplifting, community music that often touches the soul. We think you’ll agree!

Kutandara is pleased to provide music for the Estes Park Fun Run & Festival , continuing a six year tradition.  If you would like more information about the band or the Kutandara Center, please visit the website