Total distance: 26.19 mi
Max elevation: 8921 ft
Min elevation: 7434 ft
Total climbing: 1634 ft


START LINE: the historic Baldpate Inn, off of Highway 7.  

Transportation: Estes Park Trolley will deliver all marathon participants to the Baldpate Inn.  Pick-up from the Estes Park High School is 4:50AM and 5:45AM.  There is NO transportation provided back to the start line, so do NOT leave your vehicle at the start location. 

All runners & walkers registered for the marathon, must take the Estes Park Trolley to the Baldpate Inn.  Runners will be dropped off and welcomed by the Inn.  Celebrating their 100th year anniversary, the historic Baldpate Inn was founded by the Mace Family.  They experienced the love for running, too!  Known for running the trails in the early days of Estes Park, we celebrate with them in 2017. 

Runners will head east down the Homer Rouse Trail (dirt) and join the Cheley Camp road.  At Fish Creek Road, Runners will turn right and continue descending for an additional 4 miles to Brodie Avenue. Turning left at Brodie Ave., Runner’s will enter the Lake Estes Trail multi-use path that winds thru Stanley Field to Lake Estes tunnel. Once thru the tunnel (Lake Estes shoreline), turn left (clock-wise) around Lake Estes to the Highway 34 tunnel (north east).  

Leaving Lake Estes Trail, via north tunnel, runners will go left after tunnel and join the Dry Gulch multi-use trail/sidewalk heading north (Mile Marker 9 on the course).  At close to mile 10.25, runners will turn left onto Ptarmigan Trail (Shephard of the Mountains Lutheran Church), and semi-circle back to Dry Gulch Rd.  Turn left and continue to top of Dry Gulch Road (close to 2 miles).  At the aid station, turn left and continue to CR43 and Devils’ Gulch Road.  At North Lane, turn left onto the dirt road for an out and back from Hay Barn Hill Road.  Once back at Devil’s Gulch Road, turn left and continue to MacGregor Road, turn left onto East Wonderview Avenue to the main entrance to the historic Stanley  Hotel (turn left onto Steamers Parkway).  Passing the Aspire Residential Center, runners will turn right onto Steamers Drive and down the hill to Highway 34.  Runners will turn left onto wide shoulder heading east on Highway 34 to Summit Drive.  Turn left up Summit and left onto Panoramic Circle. Once circled back to Summit, turn right and down the short hill to Highway 34.  Turn left and continue to Elk Trail Court.

From Elk Trail Court, the course winds through an open residential area that is mostly flat to downhill. Turn Left onto Lone Pine Drive and up to High Pine Drive that follows a zig zag route back to Lone Pine Drive then take a left onto North Lake Avenue, which is a downhill road paralleling Hwy 34. At Dry Gulch Road (Sombrero Stables), take the multi-use trail back thru the Highway 34 pedestrian tunnel to Lake Estes Tunnel.  Turn LEFT after tunnel for an out and back to Mall Road junction. Continue counter-clockwise around Lake Estes to Dog Park and up to Brodie Ave entrance to the Estes Park High School track and Field at the SE Corner.  Complete less than one lap of the track counter clockwise and be greeted by enthusiastic crowds at the finish line!

All our courses are recognized for being well marked – just follow the white EPM signs on the paths and roads.

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